VIP Lounge Terms of Use

VIP Lounge Terms of Use

Effective 18 April 2017

All benefits that Ominto offers in the VIP Lounge Membership are conditioned upon compliance with these membership Terms of Use. These rules are subject to change for any reason at any time. Ominto has the right to add, modify or delete any benefit, service or feature of the VIP Lounge Membership at our sole discretion. Ominto reserves the right to remove any member from the VIP Lounge Membership in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with the membership.

The following provisions govern the use of VIP Lounge Membership:

I. VIP Lounge Membership

(1) In addition to its free membership, Ominto offers an optional annual paid membership service, the “VIP Lounge”. A VIP Lounge member is a user who has purchased a VIP Lounge membership.

(2) The annual VIP Lounge membership fee is $99 US Dollars and is charged as one amount

(3) The VIP Lounge is for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited and Ominto may restrict

(4) An active VIP Lounge member is a user who takes advantage of the regular and exclusive benefits as defined in the sections below, within 12 months from the date of purchase of the VIP Lounge Membership.

(5) A Passive VIP Lounge member is a user who takes advantage of the exclusive benefits defined in section IV below within the period of his active membership.

II. Eligibility, Account Registration and cancellation

(1) Those eligible to use the Site, earn Cash Back and purchase paid memberships offered by Ominto are natural persons the age of majority (i.e., old enough to enter a binding contract) in the jurisdiction in which they are located, and in no event younger than 18 years of age and legal entities duly incorporated and in good standing in the jurisdiction in which they are located.

(2) If you are a consumer, you may cancel your VIP Lounge Membership purchase according to § 9 of the ‘Terms and Conditions for using Ominto Online Services’.

(3) The VIP Lounge Membership is nontransferable. Only one person may be enrolled per VIP Lounge Membership account.

(4) Each VIP Lounge member will be responsible for letting Ominto know of any name, email or address change on their account.

(5) The VIP Lounge membership is a subscription that automatically renews after one year. If you do not wish to continue your membership, you are required to cancel the auto-renewal of your membership by visiting the profile and settings option inside the dashboard and disable auto-renewal with the current term of your membership.

III. Regular VIP Lounge Benefits

(1) The VIP Lounge is comprised of regular membership benefits and exclusive deals and offers.

(2) Unlimited Extra Cash Back (“Extra Cash Back”): A VIP Lounge member can earn extra Cash Back at the rate of 2% on every Qualified Purchase made on the Ominto shopping site outside the VIP Lounge only.

(3) "Qualified purchase" means net purchases, which have been approved by the merchant.

(4) Extra Cash Back will not be granted on flights, gift cards, vouchers or other cash equivalents.

(5) Extra Cash Back will be granted (i) on selected percentage-based Cash Back offers outside the VIP Lounge only, (ii) retrospectively on all Qualified Purchases that have been made with participating Stores through the Ominto Shopping Site and (iii) are subject to the user’s active VIP Lounge membership at the time of the Qualified Purchase.

(6) In addition, the user has access to a variety of exclusive VIP Lounge only offers according to section IV. Of these terms.

(7) Ominto may change the rate at which you earn extra Cash Back at any time.

(8) Ominto reserves the right to retract, deduct and/or re-compute any Extra Cash Back amount in cases where we, in our absolute discretion, deem that there is an abuse of the Cash Back program.

(9) Extra Cash Back is eligible for faster payouts which means that the extra Cash Back will be available after 45 days (India: 90 days) from the date the extra Cash Back has been tracked, i.e. the purchase confirmed by the merchant. As Ominto must abide by merchant partners respective Terms & Conditions, we cannot guarantee that all Cash Back will be made available within 45 or 90 days.

(10) Handling and withdrawal fees will apply to each withdrawal Cash Back transaction. Please refer to the applicable fees stated in your Dashboard.

(11) DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard®: VIP Lounge members are eligible to apply for a DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® with Payoneer, a provider of payment processing services. To be eligible to apply, the VIP Lounge member must be over the age of 18, have an active VIP Lounge Membership and accrue at least $25 of available Cash Back in the account.

IV. Exclusive VIP Lounge Benefits

“DubLi Travel” is an offer in partnership with, and Agoda (each a “Partner”).

(1) Every hotel booking made on DubLi Travel through the VIP Lounge will be rewarded with 6% Cash Back.

(2) The 6% Cash Back will be available for a VIP Lounge member once the travel is completed.

(3) For all transactions conducted and all offers available on the Partner site through the VIP Lounge, the terms and conditions of the Partner shall apply.

“Airline Vouchers” is an offer in partnership with Innovative Customer Concepts FZE (ICC)

(1) Airline Vouchers are discounted at 10 percent and can be redeemed only for round-trip airline tickets.

(2) When purchasing the voucher, the first and the last name on the voucher must match the travel documents and air travel booking documents of the VIP Lounge member exactly.

(3) Each Airline Voucher is valid for three months from the date of issue/ purchase of the voucher by the VIP Lounge member.

(4) Airline Vouchers are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-transferable.

(5) Airline Vouchers cannot be sold or transferred or exchanged for cash, and are valid for round-trip airline tickets only.

(6) Each Airline Voucher can be used independent of any other voucher and for one transaction only.

(7) Each Airline Voucher can be used for one transaction only but the transaction itself may consist of multiple bookings. However, only one Airline Travel Voucher can be redeemed against one transaction.

(8) There is no guarantee of the availability of Airline Voucher nominations at any time.

(9) All transactions are made in USD currency only.

(10) Any Airline Voucher amount exceeding the purchase price of the airline travel booking amount cannot be carried forward against any future bookings.

(11) For all transactions conducted and for all offers available on the Partner site through the VIP Lounge, the Terms and Conditions of the Partner shall apply.

"SaversGuide® Digital Membership" and "Discount Dining Dollars": this is an offer in partnership with Entertainment. Entertainment and SaversGuide® are trademarks of HSP EPI Acquisition, LLC.

(1) The offer shall contain for each VIP Lounge member a bundled benefit of annual access to Entertainment’s SaversGuide® Digital Membership and $100 in virtual currency in Entertainment’s Discount Dining Dollars Website.

(2) This regional offer is accessible for VIP Lounge members registered with US and/or Canada only.

(3) Activation and expiration: Access to SaversGuide® and Discount Dining Dollars is valid for 12 months from the date the VIP Lounge member unlocks, i.e. activates the SaversGuide® offer through the VIP Lounge.

(4) Activation and expiration: the VIP Lounge member will receive the access code for the Discount Dining Dollars upon unlocking i.e. activating the offer. The access code for the Discount Dining Dollar will be sent to the VIP Lounge member to the member’s provided email. The Discount Dining Dollars access code must be activated by the VIP Lounge member within 30 days of the receipt of the access code.

(5) For all transactions conducted and all offers available on the Partner site through the VIP Lounge, the terms and conditions of the Partner shall apply.

V. Miscellaneous

(1) Ominto will not be liable for any default due to any typographical error, technical or system failure or any event beyond the reasonable control of Ominto. The VIP Lounge member agrees to access the Website regularly to view these VIP Lounge Terms of Use, and to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with any changes to these Terms of Use.

(2) To the fullest extent permitted by law, Ominto is not liable for any loss or damages which may arise in connection with the use of the VIP Lounge. This provision shall survive termination of the relationship between members and Ominto.

(3) Any terms and conditions applicable to these Terms of Use which are illegal, prohibited or unenforceable under any law or regulation shall be ineffective to the extent of such illegality, voidness, prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions.