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Here's how you can earn while you shop
Earning cash back* is simple with WU Shop. Shop at thousands of the world's most popular brands and get cash back*. Log in to WU Shop before you start shopping.
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Get your free membership to shop and earn cash back* from over 12,000 brands.

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When you join VIP rewards, you unlock additional savings unavailable anywhere else on the web. WU Shop offers its VIP members extra cash back deals and travel incentives that you'll have no choice but to keep coming back to shop. Please don't take our word for it; start shopping and see how quickly the cash back adds up. Shop how you usually shop online, take advantage of special offers, coupons, codes, and deals, earn extra cash back, withdraw it from your My WU wallet, and let the savings begin.

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The Membership that Pays For Itself Many Times Over

Rarely do you find a membership package that pays for itself many times? The more you shop, the greater the value. With WU Shop VIP rewards, you earn double cash back from among the world's most popular brand name stores! And that's just the beginning. WU Shop offers a win-win shopping opportunity when you combine your double cash back with coupons, deals, and special offers. VIP rewards is your gateway to the real deal in online savings!

Maximize Your Savings When Shopping at WU Shop
Make sure you check for coupons on My WU Shop before clicking out to the store to see what offers are available and how to use them. Only coupons found on My WU Shop will be eligible to earn cash back*. Make sure you include the offer you found on My WU Shop on the checkout page.
Special Deals
Many stores offer special product deals, gifts with purchase, buy one get one free, buy online pick up in-stores and promo codes. Make sure you enter the details of the offer you find on My WU Shop at each store upon checkout to maximize your savings.
Free Shipping
On top of coupons and special deals, many stores offer triple savings and free shipping! Look for special instructions and take advantage of free shipping at select stores on WU Shop.
Cash back
Cash back earnings will be applied to your WU Shop dashboard after a store reports a sale to us*. Earn double or more cash back* as a VIP rewards member!
When will I receive my cash back?
  1. You’ll receive cash back in 90-120 days after the store confirms a qualifying purchase to Western Union.
  2. Cash back may first appear as “pending” during a merchant’s return period.
  3. For travel purchases, cash back may not be made available until after your travel is completed.
  4. You can make a withdrawal once you have at least €20 cash back available.
  5. You can check all the details on the cash back overview page in the WU Shop.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions